Wednesday, November 9, 2011

More Owls

 I decided to make my neighbor's each an owl.

 And my Mom felt left out so here's one for her.
 Absolem helped himself to the Handkerchief Owl.  

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Monkey 2 just had to be Ariel for Halloween but wanted her belly button to show as she said.  All the costumes I found had the sheer material on the belly part and were one pieces.  I decided to wing her a costume.  She just wanted a long green skirt so that was easy enough.  For the top I used her bikini top as my measurements and made shell pillows and sewed the lines down it to make it more shell like.  I made the straps and sewed them on the shells just like her bikini was.  I then rolled some scrap skirt fabric into a rosette and glued that onto some felt I sewed onto the center of the shells.  I love the way it turned out and so did she!  Thank goodness tonight wasn't as cold as it has been!  She got pretty far trick or treating before she needed her jacket.  However, her long skirt slowed her down and she couldn't keep up with the bigger kids so I ended up rolling it up into a mini skirt and all was well.  Would have been easier to just cut and hem up a slit in the and learn!

Monkey #1 was Draculaura....a bought costume.  

They scored tonight with lots of candy but are in bed so Mommy is the real winner!  

Neighbor Halloween Treats

 I saw this cute idea HERE to make Pumpkin Rice Krispie Treats and had to give it a whirl.
Instead of tootsie rolls I used chocolate ended candy corn for the stems.

I added pics of key things to keep in mind and use.  The butter above kept the sticky stuff off my hand and made it easier to make the ball.  Looks lovely right?!
I used a medicine syringe to suck up the icing so make it easier to make leaves.
Just want to add that Wilton coloring is much better than any other!  Just a little goes a long way!
And above is my giant bowl I use to mix everything.  Comes in handy!  It's soaking above!

I put the Pumpkins in individual Halloween cupcake deals and my kids loved handing them out to all the neighbor kids.  

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Teacher Gifts

 I made my kids' teachers' each a mini Owl with the school colors.  
 Each kid picked out a Halloween coloring page online and personalized it for their teacher.
We added some candy and put it all in a zip lock so it all stays clean and together.  

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pumpkin Extravaganza~School Project

 The girls had to choose a book and a character from that book and decorate a pumpkin like that character.  They chose their book and character but argued about how to decorate the pumpkin.  I decided there was only one solution.  We painted it with chalkboard paint and they drew their version of the bunny character with a chalk marker.  That is why there are 2 bunnies.  I tied a fabric scrap to the stem to give it a bit more character...different kind of character!  :)

Boo Boo Bag

 I know you are enjoying my goofballs pretending to be hurt with the boo boo bag!  LOL!  Very realistic indeed!  
 And you know kids always hurt their eyeballs and need a boo boo bag on top!  Silly girl!
On a serious note, my kids use these all the time because they have their Mommy's lack of coordination.  We have 4 of these in different sizes.  Just scrap fabric filled with long grain rice mixed with orange oil drops.  They get hurt, get a boo boo bag, sniff it for awhile and distract themselves from their boo boo.  They are also great for fevers!  Just keep in the freezer.
Make longer ones and sew sections so it will lay on their forehead.  I also made my kids each a long one sectioned off in three sections to microwave and drape over their anckes/feet when they have growing pains.  I'll have to take a pic of them and post them.

Baby Owls

 I was trying different sizes and came up with these 2.  
The red material is from my Grandma's stash and I thought my parents would like it as a Christmas ornament to sit in their tree.